Foregoing a weekend at the Ranch this weekend, I met my niece Rachel Uhlig in Brenham, Texas, which is relatively half way between San Antonio and Houston, where she was visiting her fiance Mike for the weekend.  Mike is building a new Top Golf facility in Spring, Texas north of Houston.   News flash:  The Top Golf website announces they will be opening in San Antonio in the late Fall of this year.   This is exciting for two reasons …  First, I am sure we will be honored with a visit from Rachel while Mike is working here, and we won’t have to drive 2 hours to see her.   Second, I am thinking Rackspace Team outing whenever I look at the website for Top Golf.

Rachel and I elected to visit the home of Blue Bell ice cream, “the best ice cream in the country,” in Brenham, where I have been told the cows “think it’s heaven.  After a fascinating tour of the facility conducted by our perky guide Jill, we were treated to a generous scoop of our choice of any one of 32 flavors.  I chose Coffee Toffy Crunch (one of my all time favorites), while Rachel selected a new flavor,  I ? Chocolate, and after having a taste of her choice I had immediate ice cream envy.  I should have tried something new… this coming from the girl who orders green chicken enchiladas at every Mexican restaurant she visits, and Pad Thai noodles at every Thai restaurant she visits.

Following our tour and ice cream sample, we found our way via GPS to Nathan’s, a local bar-b-que establishment in Brenham, because a trip to a small Texas town should not be without sampling the local Texas bbq.  This is a rule.   I ordered a chopped beef sandwich and Rachel ordered the Texas Sloppy Joe, slice barbequed pork topped with cole slaw on a jalapeno bun.   Of course, I immediately had sandwich envy.  I should have tried something new (kicking myself).  We washed all of this good stuff down with a cold Shiner Bock (also made in Texas).  This is also a rule.    I think we sat in the restaurant for about 2 hours, and talked about everything from family to the state of elementary education in Illinois and Texas.

In honor of my visit, and on my way home from the Blue Bell Creameries in Brenham, I stopped at my local H.E.B. grocery and made a few selections from the ice cream freezer:

First — a pint of I ? Chocolate




Next — a somewhat healthier choice




And finally, because I couldn’t resist, Strawberries and Cream from H.E.B. Creamy Creations (sorry Blue Bell)




Rachel, on your next visit let’s visit the Spoetzel Brewery in Shiner!!!