Seasons were changing.

She could feel it in the air, on her face facing right into wind, into the sun.

Spring was fading into summer — and summer would fade into fall before she even knew it.

There was now.

She watched how the boys wrestled a log off the beach. She watched how they launched it into waves, into sun, into that endless horizon and everything unknown.

And in the goings and the launchings, she stood there brave — all the seasons were going to do nothing less than make a full year. A full life.

The seasons could turn. The seasons could bring it all as He meant it to be.

And she could stand there after the waves and before the waves and she could feel it –

She wasn’t afraid of swimming in the deep end, way out of her comfort zone.

When you can’t touch bottom, you touch the depths of God.


Excerpted from Ann Voskamp’s A Holy Experience