But Mom said that some days are like that …

I will start with the good news.   On 11/24 I will be back on the day shift.   YAY!   Although right now I cannot conceive what working a “normal” schedule will be like.  It’s been almost two years since I began this social experiment called “after hours”.   This morning it seemd as if the forces of the Universe were combining to protest the coming changes.

I didn’t leave work this morning until 8:30 because of a meeting.  I cannot even describe my feelings following that meeting!!!   I will just quote Rick on last Spring’s season finale of the Walking Dead, “They’re screwing with the wrong [person]!!”   On the way home I stopped by my doctor’s office to drop off some papers for the wellness incentive program at work.  Then I went at the UPS Store and shipped my camera off to Olympus for repair.  Maybe I can get it back by Christmas??

When I got home about 9:30 am I was quite tired so I went straight to bed. David had our heater serviced on Tuesday and this morning left me a voice mail message that before he left for work he set the temperature at 71, that should be warm enough, and if I was still cold I could get an extra blanket.  It was a bit cold in the bedroom, but I figured it would be good for sleeping.  Some time later I woke up freezing and my hands and nose were so cold that I imagined ice icicles must have started forming on my nose.   I walked out to the living room, checked the thermostat and found that it was set to 61, NOT 71.   I texted that he needed to get an eye exam and some new glasses, and who did he think I was anyway …  Elsa???    The cold actually does bother me.

Went back to bed and woke up with a start.  It was dark out and I was afraid that I had overslept and would be late to work, but it was only 7:15 pm.  Phew!!!!!

The dogs let me know in no uncertain terms that they were hungry.  I went into the kitchen only to find that there was NO DOG FOOD!!!   So, I pulled on some jeans and went to the store for dog food and something for my dinner.   Speaking of which, I can smell the wonderful soup simmering in the kitchen.  I’m hungry!!!

… even in Australia …